Education System of Jordon

Jordan is located in Middle East, with Syria to the north, Saudi Arabia in the south, the Dead Sea and Israel towards the west, and Iraq to the east. Since the mid-1990s, the education system of Jordan has been consistently improving. The Ministry of Education of Jordan manages the school education that encompasses pre-primary, primary and secondary educational levels. Higher education system in Jordan is administered by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MoHESR).

The Jordan education system is divided into following cycles:
  • Pre-primary education 
  • Basic education
  • Secondary education
  • Higher education
In Jordan, compulsory education last 10 years, and begins at the age of 6.

Pre-primary Education

The pre-primary education in Jordan is not compulsory and of 2 years duration. 

Basic Education

Basic education in Jordan, lasting for 10 years, is compulsory to attend and free of charge at the government schools. 

Secondary Education

Secondary education in Jordan is not compulsory to attend. The duration of secondary education is 2 years. Students who have finished basic education are eligible for secondary education in Jordan. This level of education consists of 2 educational tracks:
  • Comprehensive secondary education
  • Applied secondary education

Comprehensive Secondary Education

The Ministry of Education is responsible for the comprehensive secondary education. The comprehensive secondary education comprises of: common general education and specialized academic or vocational education. 
  • Academic: This secondary education track prepares students for university-level studies in Jordan.
  • Vocational: This secondary education track prepares students for universities/community colleges or for employment. 

Applied Secondary Education

This educational level is administered by the Vocational training corporation. The applied secondary education offers vocational training. A certificate is awarded after the completion of the training. 

Examination: At the end of secondary education, students must undertake a General certificate of secondary education exam-Tawjihi. Students who pass the exam are eligible for higher education in Jordan. 

Higher Education

Higher education in Jordan is offered by universities, both public and private, and community colleges.
  • Community colleges in Jordan offer 2-year intermediate level programmes.
  • Universities in Jordan offer 4-year courses.  

University-Level Studies

Universities in Jordan offer several courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  • Undergraduate level: This level comprises of bachelor’s degree that required 4 years of full-time study. This degree takes 5 years in the field of engineering, dentistry and pharmacy; and 6 years in the field of medicine.
  • Postgraduate level: This level comprises of-
    • Master’s degree that takes 1-2 years study after the bachelor’s degree
    • Doctorate degree is of 3 to 5 years duration, depending on the study area. It requires submission of an original thesis.

Non-University Level Studies

Community colleges in Jordan provide non-university level studies. The programmes are of 2-3 years duration. At the end of the programme, pupils must undertake a comprehensive examination-“Al-Shamel”. Students who pass the examination are awarded the diploma/associate degree.

For detailed information on the Education System of Jordan, read the post "Jordan Education Overview".

Admission Requirements

Students who hold the general secondary education certificate or the equivalent qualification are eligible to apply for higher education in Jordan.  For detailed information on the admission requirements for higher education in Jordan, click here.

Special Education

Special needs institution in Jordan was formed in the late 1960s. This institution caters to children with special needs (who are blind, deaf and mentally retarded). All the children with special needs are allowed to study as per the law passed in 1993. The basic services are offered by the state free of charge. 

Academic Year

School Year

The school year in Jordan commences in September and ends in June. It runs for 210 days. The school year is divided into 2 semesters. 

Higher Education Academic Year

The higher education institutions in Jordan have 3 semesters each year. 
  • First semesters is the fall semester that commences in early September
  • Second semester is the spring semester that commences in January-end
  • Third semester is the summer semester that commences in early June and ends in July. 

Language of Instruction

The official language of instruction in Jordan is Arabic. Many programmes are taught in English as well. 

Grading System

The educational institutions in Jordan use the following grading scale:

 Grading Scale  Grade description (In English)  Grade description (In Arabic) US Grade 
 90.00-100.00  Excellent  ممتاز   A
 80.00-89.99  Very Good  جيد جدا   A-minus-
 70.00-79.99  Good  جيد  B
 60.00-69.99  Pass  مقبول   C
 50.00-59.99  Weak  ضعيف   D
 0.00-49.99  Fail  ضعيف جدًا   F

Accreditation Authority

Higher Education Accreditation Commission (HEAC)

The Higher Education Accreditation Commission was set up in June 2007, having financial and administrative autonomy. The Commission is responsible for maintaining the quality of higher education institutions and accreditation of higher education in Jordan. The commission set up the benchmarks for accreditation and quality assurance of the higher education institutions in the country. 

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